10 Keto Hacks to Try…Or Not

July 31 2019 By Lindsay Taylor, PhD When I say “hack” or “biohack,” what does that call to mind for you? Taking 20 supplements per day, shining special lights into your ears, stem cell...


8 Tips For Keto on a Budget

A criticism often leveled against the keto diet is that it’s more expensive than a “regular” (read: SAD) diet. There’s some truth to that. It does cost more to buy meat than ramen and beans. I...


The Brain Needs Animal Fat

I try very hard to restrict my protein intake to grass fed pastured animals, birds, and wild caught fish. This article discusses the value of the associated fats, and why these fats are good...


Resistant Starches

If like me you used to enjoy potatoes and sushi before moving to a nutritional program that recommends low carbs and low starches, you will be pleased to learn, as I was, that when...



Every now and again I see a really good blog post by Mark Sisson at Mark’s Daily Apple. When I see such a post and it expresses my own personal perspective, I like to...


Neural Biology and the Blood/Brain Barrier

 The membrane around the brain is called the blood-brain barrier. It serves a similar role to the gut lining. It is very thin and semi-permeable. Examples of things that should pass through the barrier...

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