The Meaning of Life

If you have spent some time on this website you have probably come across a few things you consider controversial. What could be more controversial than claiming to understand the meaning of life? I am not going to make that claim here, per se. But I am going to explain what I think it is, and then I’m going to try and explain how through my thousands of hours of research, authoring the Be Lean For Life protocol, I discovered what I personally believe to be the “meaning of life”. Furthermore, by embracing this meaning, transforming myself, and eventually living the “meaning of life. I am becoming at one with the world, maintaining a consistent feeling of well being, and living a life of gratitude, love, and joy.

So what is the meaning of life? I believe it is being the very best you can be physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

What does it mean to be living the meaning of life (LTMOL)? It means being, becoming, and overcoming the pinnacle of yourself, in the present moment, despite self-doubt or the doubt of others.

It means full engagement with being, becoming, and overcoming the best possible version of yourself. It’s walking into a room and radiating your presence “Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.” Because you simply cannot be messed with when you’re the soul of a place.

LTMOL is the absolute realization that expectation and attachment are poison because it is precisely expectation and attachment that makes one vulnerable In order to LTMOL expectation and attachment must be let go.

LTMOL is having a confident vulnerability in the face of a world playing at being invulnerable. It’s absolute uncertainty and unconditional love in the face of rigid certainty and conditional love.

Here are seven signs that you may be LTMOL.

1. You realize you are worthy:

Self-gratitude becomes you. You are armed with self-actualized fortitude. You often ask yourself: does my calling choose me or do I choose my calling. You take both options into deep consideration, while understanding that either way you are the only version of you to have ever existed.

Your self worth makes you LTMOL precisely because of equal parts unique-as-your-own-fingerprint, soul-signature radiation and a cosmic interconnectedness to all things resonating . Quantum Field Pillar

Do others think you’re worthy? It matters little. Your self-worth is a blitzkrieg that obliterates other people’s doubts and insecurities regarding you. In fact, your self-worth is so robust that it is able to alchemize the negative energy projected by others and then transform it into positive reinforcement and personal motivation.

2. You focus on what you can control and let go of what you cannot:

“In order to truly be LTMOF you need to lose your need to seek validation or love from others and to judge them when you perceive that they are not giving you what you need.

You can’t control how other people act, but you can control how you act. And you act with full acceptance of other people’s freedom. Should their freedom not give you what you think you need, you don’t whine or complain about it, but live and love by healthy example.

Maybe they will understand the example, or maybe not. That’s their problem, not yours. It only becomes your problem when you are attached to a particular behavioral outcome from them and expect them to act a certain way. But there is no certainty in the affairs of others.

3. You use fear itself to live fearlessly:

When you’re LTMOL, fear is mere fuel. What scares you compels you, for you understand that the comfort zone will not stretch itself. So you are proactive about stretching it. You could lose everything or gain everything, but the disposition remains the same: “Attitude is the difference between ordeal and adventure.” ~ Karl Frei

If, as Carl Jung wrote, “The difference between a good life and a bad life is how well you walk through the fire,” then you are the fire,  and fuel into courage which becomes a mighty fire that spreads sparks over the kindling of the human condition. You are LTMOF because you are both prepared to burn yourself and capable of burning others

4. You do not seek validation, but pursue self-love instead:

You love yourself as if your life depends upon it. Because it does. It doesn’t matter if everybody loves you or if everybody hates you. What matters is that you love yourself, and self-love begins with healthy living in mind, body, and soul.

This type of love is a mighty beacon. Nothing shines brighter in dark times or darker in blinding light than self-love radiating out from a healthy individual. Such insurgent love burns holes straight through hatred and gets down to the vulnerable guts of the insecurity of the human condition, revealing that hate is really nothing more than armored love, anxious and fearful of being vulnerable.

You are LTMOL because hatred and adoration alike slide off you like water off a duck’s back. Haters are going to hate, lovers are going to love, but what matters, in the end, is how well you love yourself, so that you are capable of loving others and being Love itself. In the declining world of our unhealthy culture, you are the oxygen mask.

5. You practice radical forgiveness:

You know how to “be the duck!” Stress, fear, anxiety? All water off your duck’s back. What does it mean to “be the duck”? It means being fully present. It means the depressions of the past and the anxieties of the future are “parted waters” from your confident, in-the-moment, in-flow, flexible stance against an inflexible world. It means being a fulcrum of radical self-forgiveness. Meditation Pillar

The past is the past. The future is the future. Right now is all you have to be, become the best possible version of yourself. And the best method for doing precisely that is radical forgiveness.

The kind of forgiveness that absorbs wrongdoing and right-doing and transforms it into Being in Love, in the present moment, full-frontal with absolute oneness with all things. You are LTMOL because you realize, that forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past. And maybe even for a better future.

6. You aren’t afraid of rattling a few cages:

Rules? If they are valid, healthy and in accordance with the greater interconnected cosmos, then you work with them. Quantum Field Pillar If not, you brazenly break them. The same thing goes for laws. Man-made laws especially are meant to be broken. For you understand that mankind is exceedingly fallible and incessantly prone to making mistakes. So you choose to live a courage-based lifestyle as opposed to a comfort-based lifestyle. This way you are less likely to become rigid, complacent, or stagnant yourself, and more likely to reveal the rigidity, complacency, and stagnation within others.

As Yoda advised, you have “trained yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” And so you are free always to win, because even when you “lose” you gain knowledge. Even through your mistakes, you become wise. For you have freed yourself up for greater and greater freedom. Having left your cage behind you, having willingly walked through the open door of your own prison cell, you now have the physical, mental, and spiritual audacity to rattle the cages of others and to reveal to them “Why do you stay in prison when the door is wide open?”

7. You’re a practising Yogi as opposed to merely a bystander Yogi:

You have the wherewithal to create a dent in the universe. You are compelled by your vision. Having forsaken the petty notion of “finding a career,” or “becoming enlightened,” you have found your true calling: to persistently, audaciously, and lovingly self-overcome all current states, no matter how stagnant or overflowing they may seem.

The inner drive from your calling propels you proactively forward, in the current moment. You’ve leveled up from finite-player to infinite-player, operating on a whole new playing field.

Your LTMOL spiritual fortitude is all-encompassing, interdependently flexing out like a cosmic muscle. Where others whine and complain about being in the world, you rise and transcend by being the world. You intuitively connect with all of life without forsaking your own power to be a spiritual power house. Spirituality Pillar

In fact, the more you connect with all things the sharper your practice becomes. Your passion is your edge. Your ability to self-overcome is your sharpening stone. Your sword is sharp and infinite-edged, so there is no settled state; there is no limited sharpness.

So there you are! that’s my explanation of the “meaning of life” and how I live the best version of myself physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. I hope that through embracing my Be Lean For Life protocol you too may enjoy your own personal “meaning of life.”