This is very much a work in progress for me. In my earlier life, I was inclined to view spirituality as a bottom-up process, by that I mean through the religion I followed I was trying to fathom the meaning of life and the sense that there was something bigger overseeing everything, the universe, however you want to define it.

Spirituality typically means different things to different people. It would appear to be a broad concept with room for many perspectives or interpretations. In general, it tends to include a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and typically involves a search for the meaning of life. As such a universal human experience that touches us all. Some people may describe a spiritual experience as a sacred or transcendent or a deep sense of aliveness and interconnectedness. Some may find their spiritual life intricately linked to their association with a “religious monument” such as a church or a mosque. Others may pray to find comfort in a personal relationship with God or a higher power. Others may seek meaning through their connection to nature or art. Like your sense of purpose, your definition of spirituality may change throughout your life adapting to your experiences and relationships.

So that’s the baseline from which I was operating until the journey that culminated in my Be Lean For Life protocol started to take shape and I started to ask questions based on the broader canvas of knowledge I had acquired. As I added epigenetics, meditation and the quantum field to my portfolio of knowledge it appeared to me that I had much more fertile ground upon which to pose and answer questions. Perhaps all these things were interrelated? today I very much believe that to be the case. In the paragraphs that follow I am going to explain how and why I came to that conclusion. In the truest sense, I may not have discovered the universal meaning of life but I may have moved closer to a plausible explanation upon which to hang my hat for the time being at least from my own perspective.

I know this has the potential to be a controversial topic. It is not my intent to embrace my viewpoint as the universal truth but rather to assemble a case for my current way of thinking, and maybe at the same time to stimulate others to follow a similar journey of their own. I have included spirituality as one of my 10 pillars because I consider it a component of leading a happy, healthy and contented life.

That paradigm that I am about to discuss is at the cutting edge of more recent sciences exploring the quantum field, quantum biology and epigenetics. I admit it is tough to get your head around because of the paradigm shift required to “buy into it” is typically beyond our normal way of thinking and understanding. The tenant at the center of this phenomenon is that we not only exist in the three dimensional physical universe but we also exist simultaneously in the energy-verse or the quantum field, and our physical body is inseparable from our “energy body”. In fact, it is believed that our physical body is an ultra-high definition holographic projection of our energy body that is continually being created and regenerated by our holographic template controlled energy body. Our energy body is composed of coordinating energies vibrating at frequencies undetectable by our senses sometimes referred to as the spirit body or life force. Our physical body, on the other hand, is composed of detectable lower-frequency energy masquerading as matter held in place by the energy body.

Certain things are often attributed to life force: bounce in your step, the smile on your face, we tingle when we feel delighted, we get knots in our stomach when stressed, love, fear etc. It is believed that to keep all our internal bodily functions working in harmony like the heart pumping, breathing, digestion and so on, it has been estimated that the fifty or more trillion cells in the body, reacting to proteins generated by genes, and infinite neural pathways all working together is attributed to the life force within us. The number of chemical reactions going on in our body per second is such an unfathomable number that there has to be a higher force controlling things. It has been estimated that some activities we participate in instigate so many reactions in such a short period, like fractions of a second, that there is no way this could be explained by conventional wisdom’s view of biochemical science. Driving a rally car at really high speeds through treacherous terrain perhaps being a good example.

Just as a sidebar here, one of my objectives in writing this text is to stimulate thought around the related and interconnected pillars of meditation, epigenetics, the quantum field and spirituality in my Be Lean For Life protocol. As you work through this text, it will hopefully become apparent, or at least raise your interest level to the point where you may be motivated to do additional research on your own. As mentioned earlier this is a “work in progress” for me. My objective is not to present this information as irrefutable facts. What I can tell you is, I feel I have benefited in a very positive way from the knowledge I have gained in this process and I hope that I can help you in the same way through my Be Lean For Life protocol.

Most, if not all experiential religions involve techniques that enable us to become more aware of the energy body. Meditation, yoga and specific breathing techniques are examples. Learning to perceive and control the energy body more profoundly is the first step on the journey to stillness and inner absorption that are essential to the transcendent experience. Such awareness is considered by many to be the beginning of the journey to spiritual experience, often regarded as sacred. Experiencing one’s life force can be transformative, resulting in feelings of peace, harmony, oneness and well being. Some traditions refer to the life force as divine. In the Christian tradition, it may be referred to as the Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit.

Another interesting biological phenomenon is multiple-personality disorder (MPD). People suffering from MPD have particular characteristics or tendencies for each personality, for example: responding to different names, playing a musical instrument, speaking a different language, moles, rashes, scars, allergies, vision defects etc. These physiological characteristics emerge and vanish when transitioning from one personality to another. Even more remarkable is these characteristics can manifest in a matter of seconds or minutes. The conventional biochemical model does not support such vast and speedy transformations.

So something else has to be going on? right. So if the physical three-dimensional being is a holograph of the two-dimensional energy field it is conceivable that the energy field or quantum field where all things are possible simultaneously, can project the physical hologram in an instant. For me, this was the missing link to rationalise the possibility of instantaneous remission. Thinking in a conventional way would suggest instantaneous remission is not possible. The MPD condition gives me a reason to believe that it is possible given all the other considerations I have raised earlier. Faith healing and miracles perhaps also become a little clearer in this context.

Let’s move on to the final chapter, or maybe it’s not the final chapter? Physical death may be viewed as the withdrawal of the invisible energy body from the physical body. All coherence evaporates and the body is forced into a state of entropy, and the physical body decays into lifeless atoms and molecules or matter. As a result, we no longer perceive ourselves through the low frequency of physical senses but the higher frequency energy body. Our physical and energy bodies have been connected throughout our physical incarnation, as explained earlier about the life force. Death is only the loss of our physical body it is not the end of our existence. Once the physical body dies we adjust to being aware of our energy body only. Once we are beyond the confining limitations of our physical body, as multitudes of “near-death experiencers” have claimed we experience freedom and awareness, unlike anything that can be experienced through the physical body. Almost without exception, these near-death experiencers have felt they had a transforming transcendent experience and no longer have any fear of death. One of the tenents of the quantum energy field is that everything is interconnected, which lays open the possibility that our energy bodies once disconnected from our physical bodies can interact with other energy bodies. Seeing as our physical bodies connected relationally through related holograms it’s entirely conceivable that our energy bodies could continue their relationships in the interconnected oneness of the energy field, a fact near-death experiencers have confirmed. It’s perhaps not a huge leap of faith that this euphoric afterlife and connectedness with former physical beings is akin to what some religious traditions would refer to as heaven.

At this point you may be thinking I’ve gone way out on a limb to arrive at this conclusion. Perhaps I have. However, it is the result of many months of research, which started out with five or so disparate topics, that I found to be not only related but entwined. The net result of coming to this personal conclusion is that I have an overwhelming feeling of wellbeing, oneness, connectedness, happiness, gratitude and joy. As I began to travel this journey I started to become quite uncomfortable with the conflict between my traditional religious held beliefs and these new “sciences” I was discovering. I’m pleased to say at this time those conflicts have all disappeared and I may well be that much closer to understanding the meaning of life.