You may be wondering what the idea is behind forming a movement? First of all, it’s not going to be an activist, marching, demonstrating movement as would appear to be politically popular right now. Initially, it will be a passive online movement where people of similar persuasion can share their thoughts and activities with similarly minded folks.

I am going to start off with the potentially arrogant statement that “I am going to change the world”. How can that be you may ask? It’s a long story so let’s begin. If you have been engaged in my Be Lean For Life protocol and have absorbed a lot of the content available through my website and associated media sources, you will have picked up on the fact that the western world or even the “civilised world” is undergoing a huge metabolic disease epidemic. If you add the following metabolic disease-related causes of death (heart disease, stroke, cancer, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc.) they account for at least 90% of the causes. Add to that they also negatively affect longevity and often significantly reduce the quality of life in the final years it becomes a huge problem for mankind.

If you have been keeping up with my content you will likely have come to the conclusion that your genes and your hormones combined are drivers for these conditions. We learned through Epigenetics that genes are expressed by a switch like mechanism that is either turned on or off to upregulate or downregulate the genes. The expression of the gene directly affects the proteins they produce and in turn significantly affect the hormone balance in your body. We also learned that the gene expression is affected by nutrition, lifestyle and environmental influences. We also learned that about half of the 20,00 or so genes in our body are familial in nature, meaning they have been inherited through our ancestors or perhaps, more importantly, our parents. As a baby, you arrive in the world with gene expressions predisposed to your ancestral lifestyle and nutrition. If you continue to live in the same nutritional and lifestyle patterns as your parents there is a very high probability that your genes will be expressed in a similar pattern and you will effectively “inherit” your families diseases. As humans, for the most part, don’t have to worry about wild animal attacks and starvation, there appears to be no penalty to such a gene expression associated with sedentary and non-optimal nutritional behaviour in early life. However, a lifetime of such “abuses” will start to manifest the “inherited” diseases in later life, maybe in your 50’s or 60’s depending on your level of abuse.

Sounds pretty bleak, right? well, you will also have learned there is some really good news associated with this story. With the exception of the genes, you inherit that dictate your hair colour, eye colour, height (to a degree) etc. you have complete control over your gene expression by virtue of the food you eat, your lifestyle habits and to a much lesser degree your environment. So the “negative” gene expressions you may have inherited from your parents can be up or down-regulated by your nutrition and lifestyle. As a result, all the inherited negative disease-related genes can be suppressed never to impact your life. Of course, the non-familial genes can be similarly influenced by lifestyle, nutrition and the environment.

So let’s assume that a reasonably young couple of childbearing age goes through my Be Lean For Life protocol, and as a result, their genes are optimally expressed. The children they produce will also start out life with an optimal set of familial genes. The children lead healthy lives and eventually produce children of their own. As these generations progress, they will become more and more healthy. They will live longer healthier lives and the incidence of metabolic diseases will diminish significantly. Some may even be eradicated.

So you can see how lifestyle and nutrition of a negative nature got us into this metabolic mess over countless generations. Hopefully, you also can see now how this can be reversed over future countless generations and save humanity from what looks like a very uncertain future the way things are going currently.

Hopefully, my initial statement regarding “changing the world” looks a little less arrogant now and perhaps even achievable!

So back to the Be Lean For Life Movement. All graduates of my protocol will receive a free polo shirt with the logo, and honorary membership of the Movement. What happens then is primarily up to the members. I don’t have specific plans for how this will pan out. Instead, I expect it to evolve one way or another. What I do know is I am going to continue to do my part by offering my Be Lean For Life protocol in the hope we really can change the world together.