The purpose of my library is to share with you all the books I have read in the process of formulating my Be Lean For Life Protocol. I’ve divided the library into sections in line with my Ten Pillars, with a few additional catch-all sections to follow. Clicking on any of these books will take you to the web site where you will able to review the book contents and make a purchase. I am an Amazon Affiliate and may receive a commission on potential sales. To date there are 68 books listed, over 16,000 pages, and over 400 hundred hours of reading material:

Keto (4)

Fasting (4)

Sleep (1)

Stress (1)

Exercise (1)

Neural (6)

Epigenetics (1)

Meditation (3)

Quantum Field (2)

Spirituality (4)

Lifestyle (7)

Recipes (3)

Healing (5)

Fats (6)

General Nutrition (20)