To me, the quantum field alternatively referred to as the quantum universe or quantum theory is very complicated. We have today an understanding of our physical world based mostly on the scientific research associated with Sir Isac Newton commonly referred to as the Newtonian world.

When I think of instantaneous remission, miracles and other unexplained happenings and events within the world, it leads me to believe there has to be “something else” out there influencing our physical world that for the most part we, and specifically me do not understand. Being a highly analytical person, I started to research and delve into what could be going on that I didn’t understand. While I had a view on what the concept of spirituality┬ámeant, at least to me, I was for the most part exploring the concept “bottom-up” through religion. I had been interested in meditation for a long time, dabbling in it on the periphery and never really getting an understanding of what it meant and how it worked. As I pursued further research in this area, I stumbled upon the quantum field or quantum theory. So now I’m thinking great, now I have three subject areas about which I know very little. The more research I did, the more I discovered how all these topics related, yet at the same time were significant entities in their own right. Recognizing how these subjects impacted our well being and health, I decided to incorporate them into my protocol, and the 10 pillars of Be Lean For Life came into being.

As a starting point, to try and understand the quantum field let’s start with the base of the Newtonian world. The world we know for the most part. It is what we learned in school and the basis upon which most of humanity rationalizes what happens in our lives and the world today, based on learned predictability. Let’s take the automobile as an example. I activate the ignition switch and the car bursts into life. Cause and effect. I did something, and it caused something else to happen. The assumption here, of course, is that everything is in working order. The universe is assumed to work in a predetermined predictable way. The automobile is a complete machine in its own right, made up of the sum of its parts. If it does not work, it is assumed there is a faulty or damaged part. Repair or replace the damaged part, and the status quo is restored, and the car runs again. Everything in the universe works this way. Not so fast. Only logical thought processes are considered in the orderly world of science. There is little room for intuition even though intuition and insight have indirectly played a role in formulating scientific facts in the past. This world is neat, efficient and easy to comprehend. To suggest that there might be some other weird stuff going on out there makes a lot of people uncomfortable and in some cases dismissive. In the next paragraph, I’m going to try and explain what’s going on with the “weird stuff”.

The ideas of getting beyond our body, our environment and time are scary to some people. However, when we disconnect from our three-dimensional reality we get the opportunity to enter the quantum realm, the world of infinite possibility, where the world of Newtonian physics no longer applies. In the pillar on meditation, I explained how meditation assists in the manifestation of desired states. In the quantum field pillar, I am going to explain the characteristics of the quantum field that facilitate the transformation.

The Quantum Universe

The quantum field is an invisible field of energy and information that exists beyond space and time. Nothing physical or material exists there, it is beyond anything you can perceive with your senses and it governs all the laws of nature. You can only experience this realm with your awareness. As awareness is paying attention and noticing once you are beyond the world of senses and you pay attention to the energy of the quantum field your consciousness is connecting to greater levels of frequency and information. What we are able to create in this sea of infinite possibilities is up to us because the quantum field is the state in which all possibilities exist. To reach the present moment you have to stop thinking about a predictable future and the familiar past, if you can successfully achieve this during your meditation you will arrive in the present moment.

Subatomic particles in the quantum field behave in an unpredictable manner and can exist in an infinite number of possibilities or probabilities. It is only when an observer focuses attention and looks for something material that the invisible field of energy and information collapses into a particle of matter. However, when you take your mind off the matter and no longer observe it, it disappears back into energy. In this way, mind and matter are related in the quantum field. So if you are viewing your life from the unknown realm of infinite possibilities you can observe things into physical reality. On the other hand, if you are viewing your life from the same level of mind every day you are collapsing infinite fields of energy into the same patterns of information we call life. For example, if you wake up and think where’s my pain? Your familiar pain soon appears because you expect it to be there. Remember if you focus on the known that’s what you get if you focus on the unknown you create possibilities. The longer you linger in the field of infinite possibilities without reverting to the past the more you will create new experiences or opportunities in your life.

Subatomic Particles

I fear you may be somewhat confused; it took me a very long time to get my head around these topics. For me, meditating on a frequent basis helped me to start solidifying my understanding. I have a condition that would benefit from instantaneous remission. I have not managed to successfully immerse myself in the present moment to this point as I find quieting my mind a significant challenge. There is much scientific evidence that instantaneous remission can and has been achieved. When I have personally achieved such I will consider myself fully understanding of this complex subject, and be in a position to better help others.

I am furthering my knowledge on these topics by following the words, wisdom and scientific research of Dr. Joe Dispenza. He has a meditation series of DVD’s that I have purchased and downloaded to my phone and use frequently to help me navigate the complex waters of meditation and the quantum field. All these products are available in my store.