Below I have listed the 10 pillars of my Be Lean For Life protocol. As a means of further explanation, I have outlined my personal activities as they relate to these pillars:

Keto: or better stated nutritional ketosis is a way of eating that allows your body to convert from being a carbohydrate/glucose burner to a fat burner, achieved primarily by eating low carb, moderate protein, high-fat diet.

My adherence to Nutritional Ketosis is based on the following criteria: I typically ingest about 1900 calories a day. Roughly 65% fat, 20% protein, and 15% carbohydrates. I have a keto coffee in the morning, plus two cups of black coffee and one cup of coffee with cream. Lunch usually consists of a large salad, as many as 12 raw vegetables, avocado and kimshi and about 4 to 6 ozs of protein. My lunchtime protein of choice is fish to help regulate my omega 6/omega 3 ratio. I also add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. I often have a cup of bone broth at this time also. My dinner usually consists of 4 to 6 ounces of protein with a selection of 5 or 6 steamed vegetables with a tablespoon of ghee. For dessert, I have about 6 ounces of various berries with about 6 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream or 1/2 cup of whole milk greek yogurt. Sometimes I have a selection of 6 to 8 cheeses with celery. Other foods I may eat during my eating window are kombucha and about 3 ounces nuts (walnuts, pecans and macadamia nuts). I also eat about an ounce portion of dried coconut occasionally. After dinner, I often have a cup of decaffeinated coffee with about an ounce of 85% dark chocolate. My diet varies considerably, but these are the staples. I try to restrict eating out to 20% or less of my meals as I have no control over the quality of protein, vegetables, fruits, and the industrial oils used for cooking. However, when I do eat out, all bets are off, within reason I will eat anything on the menu. This keeps my metabolic flexibility in high gear. On average, I drink 2 to 4 units of alcohol per week usually restricted to wine or beer. Again on special occasions, vacations or holidays, I may go over the top. However, these occasions are few and far between.

Fasting: Often referred to as intermittent fasting. This protocol operates on a limited eating window each day, allowing your body to spend many hours a day burning stored fat for energy.

My eating window averages out at about 6 hours per day, so I’m operating on an 18/6 ratio. My eating window typically runs from noon until 6 pm varying an hour or so either end. Some days I eat just one meal a day (OMAD), maybe once a week, and I’ll occasionally fast for 48 hours, usually when I am traveling internationally, so I can avoid all the nasty food options during my journey. My version of fasting is not the strictest interpretation. During the fasting period, my objective is to keep my insulin production to an absolute minimum. As you will notice above I drink keto coffee and coffee with whipping cream during my fast. Some people would argue that it is not strictly fasting, and they are welcome to their opinion. I don’t do the coffee drinks to stave off hunger, but rather to keep my fat percentage elevated and keep my calorie count up, so I maintain rather than lose weight. One of the great things about my Be Lean For Life Protocol is that it is sustainable, very effective at losing weight, and you can reach a point where you have to take positive action not to lose too much weight. An amazing state if you have spent the majority of your life worrying about losing weight.

Sleep: Sleep management is a vital health requirement, getting enough sleep every day has a significant impact on many aspects of your health.

I use a product called Pillow to monitor my sleep, using an Apple Watch on my wrist and an iPhone with a Bluetooth connection to present the data. I average 8 hours in bed a night and around 7 hours of sleep. The breakdown averages around 20% REM, 35% Light and 30% Deep. I don’t expose myself to blue light or “video screens” after 9 pm, I use blue light blocking glasses in the evening and I wear a Manta Sleep Mask to go to sleep so I have a perfect blackout. I keep my sleeping temperature around 65 degrees and I never use an alarm, I wake up naturally when I have had enough sleep as dictated by my circadian rhythm.

Stress: Stress may be a significant contributor to living a less than optimal life, and you may be surprised to learn what is the major contributor

I believe the main stressor in my life used to be systemic inflammation or inflammation at a minimum. My Be Lean For Life protocol has eradicated that condition from my body. I try to meditate daily which helps me keep calm, and I try very hard not to sweat the small stuff.

Exercise: Exercise is essential, my program works on a limited set of primal full body exercises taking no more than 30 minutes 3 times a week.

My exercise program consists of primal exercises and heat therapy. I try to do my primal exercises 3 times a week on non-consecutive days. These exercises are all full body resistance exercises and consist of pushups, planks, pull-ups, and squats. My heat therapy consists of 30 minutes in a dry sauna followed by 15 minutes in a hot tub followed by 10 minutes in a steam room. This therapy typically follows my exercises for maximum benefit.

Neural: Neural Plasticity is the means by which you can rewire your brain to operate in the more optimal state.

I use meditation and interaction with the quantum field to facilitate neural plasticity.

Epigenetics: Epigenetics is a reasonably new science and deals with gene expression, by changing your gene expression you can reprogram your body.

There is no one activity I pursue to improve my gene expression. I believe all the components of my Be Lean For Life protocol working together provide me with an optimal solution.

Meditation: Meditation allows you to quieten your mind and operates in conjunction with the quantum field to manifest lifestyle desires.

I try to meditate daily, usually for an hour at a time. I utilize meditation programs from Dr Joe Dispenza on my cell phone with ear pods. I relax in a totally blacked out environment using my Manta Sleep Mask and I usually have a lavender candle burning in the room.

Spirituality: Spirituality deals with communicating with a higher being that controls so much of our existence on this planet. It is non-denominational and sits above all religions.

Spirituality is a work in progress for me as I continue to explore the meaning of the “higher being”. Meditation, interaction with the quantum field and attending church and associated activities are primary activities I pursue in my search for “the meaning of life”.

Quantum Field: This is again a relatively new science that deals with a field where all things are possible, and by interaction with the quantum field you can manifest your desires including spontaneous remission from physical maladies.

My attempts to enter the quantum field are facilitated by meditation as I pursue changes in my life or state of being without limit to possibilities. I am also working to perfect the art, or maybe the science of instantaneous remission. Both for myself and. to help others in need.

Warning: Fully embracing my Be Lean For Life protocol will transform you physically, mentally, intellectually and spiritually. When you complete my program and compare the new you, with the you of the past, you will observe a huge difference .

Now think about it from the perspective of a life partner. Assuming you have a reasonably lengthy relationship — have matured together and settled into a convenient schedule etc. To an extent, you become as one, rather than two, on a number of levels. Then take one of those partners and embrace the ten pillars of my program and you will have a huge gap in the way they behave and perceive themselves. The participant has all these amazing transformations, the other maintains the same old patterns. For example, the transformed partner is lean and healthy, has lots of energy, sleeps well, and has minimal stress and eats for the pure pleasure of the food rather than just fuel, and has likely added 10 more years of quality life to their life expectancy. Has a completely positive outlook on life and frequently exhibits the emotions of gratitude, joy, love and abundance. Quite a difference, right?

So what do you do? The obvious answer is to embrace my program as a team and both participate to the same degree. So what happens if only one partner is a player? This is where the warning comes in. I have personal experience of this phenomenon. Let me tell you it can be challenging. I believe the answer lies in recognizing ahead of time this is going to happen and prepare to manage the situation in a way that does not make the non-player feel envious, angry, or left behind. For sure you don’t want to give the perception that your transformation makes you superior in some way, even though it’s hard not to feel that way sometimes. Over time the non-player will likely come around and want a piece of the action too if you manage the situation effectively.