Corporate Coaching Program

The effects of poor lifestyle choices can have a deleterious cumulative effect on a corporation, or small business for that matter. The following symptoms may lead to such an event.

  • Lost Productivity
  • Illness
  • Impairment
  • Stress
  • Loss of Concentration
  • Workplace Injury
  • Post Meal Break Drowsiness
  • Sick Leave

Here are some statistics to help quantify such deleterious effects:

  • Average hours lost per employee per year: 100
  • Average Salary per employee $46,000
  • Cost to employer or corporation per year $9,000

You may not believe the statistics above are correct as it relates to your particular company or corporation. No problem, just substitute the numbers that reflect your company’s profile and do the math.

For example using the statistics above: For a company with 100 employees the potential deleterious cumulative effect could be as high as $900,00 per year! The cost of a corporate program for the example above would be approximately $50,000 the ROI could be as high 18X ! (For the complete price list and a series of 10 free coaching videos, complete the form below and submit)

Naturally a program for a 1,000 employee organization would not operate as a one-to-one program such as I facilitate for individuals. However, weekly appearances by myself, ably supported by video conferencing and “social media” communication will allow smaller group communications, and where necessary one-on-one communication when the situation demands. Participants in a Corporate Program will have access to, and utilize all the same assets available to individuals.

If you, as a leader of a company, are considering a Corporate Program, you would be well advised to participate in the individual program first to fully understand how the program works. As a result you will find that your personal transformations will be highly visible to your staff, which will make your job of selling it to the employees very easy. One of the most common comments I get from people referring clients to me, is that people say to them “whatever it is you are doing I want some of that”.