3rd Party Video Library

During the 18 month development period of my Be Lean For Life protocol, I watched hundreds of videos. Each one that added to my body of knowledge, I archived with no particular intent other than to refer back to them in the future should I chose to do so. It occurred to me as I developed my website, others may benefit from all the knowledge contained in this archive. So to that end, I decided to create this page as reference material to my program itself. I have distilled this information and content from may other sources to be able to present my program within a 12 week period. I can’t possibly cover everything I have learned in 12 weeks. There are hundreds of hours of material on this site. So if you feel so inclined you too can become super knowledgeable on these topics, creating your own intellectual transformation.

I do author my own videos, but here you can enjoy the work of my friends, colleagues, and mentors within the industry.

To date, there are 631 videos listed. Over 100 hours of free education.


Alcohol (3)

Alzheimer’s (4)

Anxiety (2)

Autophagy (13)

Bacteria and Viruses (1)

Beliefs (2)

Brain Health (2)

Cancer (13)

Carbohydrates (10)

Cholesterol (1)

Coffee (2)

Dairy (3)

Detox (3)

Diabetes (6)

Doctors Bad Advice (3)

Electrolytes (1)

Environmental Toxins (2)

Epigenetics (4)

Essential Oils (3)

Fatty Acids (7)

Fat Belly (6)

Fat & Fat Adaption (16)

Fatty Liver (NAFLD) (14)

Fermented Foods (5)

Fiber (1)

Flawed Science (5)

Food Comparisons (15)

Food (59)

Food Labels (1)

Free Radicals (1)

Gluten-Free (2)

Gut Health (12)

Grass-Fed Wild Caught Organic (3)

Gratitude (1)

Healing (1)

Heat Cold and Light Therapy (10)

Hormones (6)

Heart Disease (2)

Hypertension (6)

Immune System (7)

Inflammation (5)

Insulin (7)

Instantaneous Remission (2)

Insulin Resistance (8)

Intermittent Fasting (91)

Keto (70)

Keto Grocery Shopping (17)

Keto Versus Diets (10)

Medical Tests (1)

Metabolism (1)

Lectins (3)

Longevity (9)

Manufactured Food (2)

Mineral Deficiency (29)

Neural (1)

Neural Plasticity (7)

Obesity (1)

Oils (5)

Organ Meats (4)

Pancreas Health (1)

Probiotics (1)

Proteins (5)

Quantum Field (3)

Sleep Management (19)

Spices and Herbs (2)

Stress (11)

Sugar (12)

Toxins (6)

Vitamin Deficiency (31)

Weight Loss (1)

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